Sunday, July 6, 2008

Reviewer Profile: Ms. Yingling Reads

Name: Karen Yingling
Alias: Ms. Yingling
Headquarters: Blendon Middle School (
Mission: To get the right book to the right student at the right time.
Genres: Realistic fiction, some fantasy, but I read everything.

What's your occupation by day?
Mild-mannered Middle School Librarian.

What made you decide to tackle this whole blog reviewer biz?
I wanted to keep track of what I was reading, and provide a resource for my students. Also, it's been great for "meeting" other librarians, readers, and authors.

What are your blog's strong points?
I have lots of reviews, and I keep them very short.

What are the best aspects of being a reviewer?
Being able to tell readers about a really fabulous story.

In your opinion, where lies the heart of a good book?
An endearing character who does interesting things.

What books rocked your world? Which authors?
It's cliche, but Fahrenheit 451 made it impossible for me to keep a television on for background noise. I recently reread it, and it resonated as strongly for me as it did the first time I read it, 28 years ago. I'm also a huge L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott fan. Those are things that I read when I was in middle school. I read things now, but they don't make as much of an impact, although Neal Shusterman's Unwind was so good that I spent days recommending nonexistent copies to students.

What are some of your other passions and interests?
Mainly reading, but also preserving the environment. I ride a bicycle or walk to school, recycle everything, always carry cloth bags when I shop, and buy as much as I can from thrift stores.

Can you roll your tongue or do other nifty stuff?

I can't sing, but I do anyway. My biggest skill is remembering authors and titles and plots for books. My students like to try to stump me.

What music puts the rock to your roll? Any movies you can watch over and over again and not get bored? TV shows?
I listen mainly to 1970s rock-- again, the stuff I grew up with. One group that should be listened to more is Badfinger. I had never heard them when they first came out, but they have great stuff. They were proteges of the Beatles. I can't watch movies again and again now that they are on video-- it's enough to know that they are there if I wanted to, but I do love Gene Kelly and have seen Brigadoon countless times. Don't care much for television, thanks to Ray Bradbury!

Young Adult or death?
Always, always young adult. In general it is so much better than adult fiction, which tends to be full of itself and obscene.


Beth Fehlbaum, Author said...

Great interview!
Beth Fehlbaum, author
Courage in Patience, a story of hope for those who have endured abuse
Chapter 1 is online!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Good interview. A couple things reminded me of my English teacher from high school. People used to try and stump her with facts about stuff we learned in school...and she lovesss Gene Kelly. I had her for film, so we had to watch a lot of clips of his. haha


Amee said...

Great interview. L.M. Montgomery and Louisa May Alcott are favorites of mine as well. Gene Kelly too! I just saw Brigadoon a couple weeks ago. :P

Zulmara said...

Great is soooo fun to see what makes people tic,



Anonymous said...

I utterly LLOVED this book... I just finished (and started) it yesterday. I couldn't put it down.

Great review!

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