Thursday, July 31, 2008

News On The Steph Front

Standardized testing sucks. Including eight subjects, all very hard and very detailed and very time-consuming to study for, in one exam sucks. Getting an education does NOT suck, though - I wouldn't have made such an effort to understand every little thing in my textbook if I wasn't going to get tested on it.

...I'll probably have forgotten by tomorrow, but, ya know, for the time being? I'm down with knowledge.


Now I have time to dive headfirst into Miss Melissa Walker's trilogy (yes, I got the three books!).

Miss Walker, if you're with us, I'd just like to say I hope your books don't disappoint ;)

Happy browsing, everyone.


Lenore Appelhans said...

I am reading Miss Walker's 3 books right now too!

Liviania said...

I doubt her books will disappoint - they didn't me!

What standardized tests are you doing? (At least in the US standardized tests are always easy. It's a bonus for the declining quality of the school system.)

Steph said...

Livinia, been emailing with Melissa back and forth about some aspects of her book. Never a bad thing :)

Yeah the US educational system sucks. Big time. I remember the TAKS exams (Texan one) which were gooey-ingly easy. Blech.

My prep school is actually part of a chain of prep schools in Brazil, recognized for the highest percentage and preparatory course to get into uni. (We don't apply here; we do a two-phase entry exam that covers all eight subjects I'll list below in an advance level. The best unis are almost all public, which means that while we pay for schooling, if we get into a good uni, we don't pay for it. But it's like 8000 people trying for 80 spots.)

Anyhow, so I just started the three-year collegiate level here (soph-senior in the US) and we have, for the next three years, the following subjects:
Math (precalc)
Biology (citology and ecology)
History (integrated and art history)
My Native Language (grammar and lit, which is this existentionalist, indecipherable crap)
English (grammar -- I rule that class :P)
Geography (integrated and geopolitics)

Each quarter we have a set of standardized Specific Exams, which are one for each class. And then we have one huge standardized test (Test A) which is for current events and then a Test B, which is all of the subjects in one test - like a major final, lol.

I missed the original date for Test B to go to a family wedding in another state and they had the second call test today.

Killer. >.<


Steph said...

(soph-senior years in US high schools)*

Amee said...

I'm glad it's over!

And I am sure Melissa's books won't disappoint at all. ;)

Anna said...

I've nominated you. Check out my blog post tomorrow morning for more information.

Liviania said...

Yeah, I live in Texas . . . I dreaded TAKS day. I went nice and slow so that the test would take me an entire twenty minutes. *sigh* But even stuff like the SAT, the ACT, and AP tests are really easy.

I wish I didn't have to pay for public uni. In the US they're cheaper, but I'm still paying 20 thou a year for school. (Or I would be, if I wasn't on a merit scholarship.)

Sounds like a fun schedule! Though . . . surely you aren't taking precal for three years? It's barely enough material for a semester.

Steph said...

Hahaha yes, TAKS days dawdled. A lot >.<

The thing about public unis here is that they're incredibly disputed. Around only 1% of candidates make it, which is, needless to say, not nearly enough. *sighs*

We only have two precalc lessons a week, so yeah, this is for the entire year. ;) But it's incredibly easy, anyhow. If there's ever any subject I *don't* need to study for, that'd be math.


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