Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking Dawn Spoiler

** If you're looking for post-release spoilers, like what's up with that Renesme kid, or the likes, click here. **

Well, seeing as the blogs I usually read haven't posted about this yet, I thought I'd do the honors. Before anyone gets high and mighty and decides to email Little, Brown and Co. about copyright violations, please know that this is an authorized spoiler from Stephenie Meyer herself. Read about it here on Entertainment Weekly. If you don't want a (in my opinion, mild) spoiler about Breaking Dawn, avert your eyes.

It seems like Team Jacob loses! Bella and Edward have a real, not-dream-sequenced wedding scene in the fourth book!

YEAH, baby. Edward's character has gotten iffy for me in the past two books, but the thought of Bella marrying Jacob just doesn't sit well with me. Plus, he could imprint on someone else later, so...

Of course, I think something else is brewing. If Meyer intended on writing a page-turner, there will be more to this story. Some stakes or whatever. But whatever, until the book is released and all is clear, TEAM EDWARD IS IN THE LEAD!

Thanks to Ambeen for the link!


Amee said...

Thanks for asking if I was going to post about it before you did!

Just kidding. I wasn't. :P

Anyway, it seems like we had the same reaction to the news. I thought I was Team Jacob but I must be Team Edward at heart because I am so happy it's Edward she is with.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I'm seriously not thinking that's at all true because Stephanie has all these no-spoiler posts so she probably just did it to get us going.

I just can't see her doing that.

But who knows, maybe it is what happens. I guess I won't know until I read the book.

Thanks for posting it!

Rachael Stein said...

omigod omigod YAYAYAYAY!!! i love edward. i knew it had to happen :D


Chelsie said...

I believe whole-heartedly that Bella and Edward are getting married, but I also believe that it doesn't mean the end for Jacob.

I also believe that Stephenie did this just so that the Edward fans would be excited... now, who will Bella end up with at the END of the book? To me, that's a mystery. =P

Nurin said...

I barely even consider this a spoiler. I think we all knew it would happen anyways because really it doesn`t work with Jake. Meyer has it allll set up for Jacob to imprint so he gets his happy ending etc.

I don`t really think the conflict really has much to do with, anymore, Edward and Jake. xD I never really thought of this as a spoiler. I thought of it more as a given xD

Khy said...

I'm with reader rabbit on this one. I think anyone could've said that they were going to get married in Breaking Dawn. xD

Alea said...

Yes! But if she is freely giving this information out she's somehow messing with us. I do not care though! I cannot wait for Friday. Totally buying this at midnight!

PS I just posted Lookalikes 3.5 ;)

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