Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Better Than Chocolate,

...are these made-0f-awesome (yes, this is a John Green quote) promotional ideas I've run across in the previous few days.

Absolutely cannot wait until the release of In Too Deep by Jennifer Banash? Well, the characters of The Elite have spared a few minutes of their precious time to keep you posted via their Twitter profiles until they make their 2009 novelized reappearance. Make sure to check out these pages:

Madison Macallister
Casey McCloy
Drew Van Allen

Also, if you feel like doing some reading while browsing, Penguin has an eBook up on their site. Up until July 20th, anyone and everyone will be able to read Savvy by Ingrid Law either by clicking here or by straining their eyes, through my sidebar. (Embedding rules all.)

And hey, if you check out both and need moremoremore ideas for what to do with your time, consider these alternatives:

- Licking your elbow
- Playing on FreeRice
- Typing in the word "Failure" on Google and clicking "I'm Feeling Lucky".

This should keep all similarly bored blog readers occupied while the summer wastes away into yet another school year.


Heather said...

Hey! You changed it back! Why?

Amee said...

Lol, wow, until I saw your comment, Heather, I didn't even notice! I am so unobservant. >.<

Anyway, I know all about a wasting summer. I just realized I only have 5 weeks before fall semester begins. It's depressing.

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