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Young Adult Weekly (Week of June 8th-14th)

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay on this week's Young Adult Weekly! I slept some during the afternoon then got ready to go to a party. It didn't last as long as I expected, but even so, I was too wiped out to post this when I got in at 2AM. So here you have it, Young Adult Weekly, Saturday Division! :)

Note: There will not be a Reviewer Profile this week because of the delayed Young Adult Weekly post. Sorry!

Young Adult Weekly
Week of June 8th-14th

From the authors...

A.S. King (The Dust of 100 Dogs) is still mighty fabulous. Of course, she won't understand the following, but it's all part of the fun. Behold: Olá, Amy! Eu estou usando gramática formal para, se você usar um tradutor online, você entender esta mensagem. Quero que você saiba que estou esperando desesperadamente pelo seu livro!

Jennifer Ziegler (How NOT To Be Popular) needs a nudge to post a new blog because I'm not sure exactly how to plug her in here otherwise! :P

Alexa Young (Frenemies) HAS TURNED IN THE DRAFT OF FAKETASTIC TO HER EDITORS!!!! I am dying to know how it goes but Alexa won't unleash any details. Cruel? Hardly. I'll get my revenge.

Jennifer Banash (The Elite) is giving away a copy of The Elite over on her blog. I can't give you a direct link cos MySpace isn't loading right for me, but try clicking here.

Teri Brown (Read My Lips) has had a week-long blog party to celebrate the launch of her debut novel. This post, however, needs to be immortalized because it is just the coolest thing ever. Check it out to see what I mean. Down at the bottom, people.

Meg Cabot (Airhead) on her Toledo tour and BlackBerries. (Side-note: Meg? If you don't know how to use your BlackBerry, I'd be more than happy to have it...;D)

Claudia Gray (Evernight) posted a Reviewer X link on her blog which has earned this reviewer a considerable amount of page views. Thank you, Claudia!

Carrie Ryan (The Forest of Hands and Teeth) has had two exciting this happen this week: 1) Her ARCs arrived! and 2) She had her author photos taken!

Aprilynne Pike (Wings) talks about some books she's recently read and some books she's getting ready to read. Oh, and for anyone who likes checking out author sites, Aprilynne has recently launched her own: :)

Kelly Parra (Invisible Touch) posted a YA Fresh interview with Rachel Vail. I just want to add in here that, Kelly, should you interview any more debut authors (not that Rachel is a debut author, I'm just saying) before me and steal my questions, I may have to bash my own head in. (I'm kidding of course, I think Kelly's and Tina's blog is awesome and very helpful and have linked to it before and did I mention how pretty both of you are? ;D)

Melissa Walker (Violet by Design) is giving away a copy of Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood. Melissa also blogged about a ton of interesting stuff this week, like for instance, her article on Glamour magazine!

Megan McCafferty, The Goddess Indeed (Fourth Comings) talks about the fact that Fourth Comings made an appearance in the Sex & The City movie! And it wasn't even paid product placement! This makes me very happy, very happy indeed.

Debbie Reed Fischer (Braless in Wonderland, which I have had the pleasure to read and tell you it's good) posts about who she considers a true role model. Good post, worth checking.

Marley Gibson/Kate Harmon (Sorority 101) got her first ever fan note!!! GO YOU, MARLEY. Incidentally, I have both of Marley's books on my TBR shelf (thank you, Marley!) and you will see the reviews for those in the coming weeks...

Lisa Schroeder (I Love You, You Haunt Me) talks about the time frame that each thing in publishing occurs after a sale: contract arrival, editorial letter, copy edits, advance payments... Informative.

Diana Rodriguez Wallach (Amor and Summer Secrets) posts about the result of her contacting her old high school teachers now that she's a prepublished writer.

From the reviewers...

Reviewer X, aside from being lazy, had some lots of posts this week! Let's start with the reviews: Evernight by Claudia Gray and Talent by Zoey Dean. Now for author appearances: I did an interview of Claudia Gray and Kathryn Williams guest blogged! (Kathryn wrote The Debutantes, by the by.)

The Ravenous Reader posted a review of The Pact of The Wolves by Nina Blazon and Briggen by Ann B. Keller. She also interviewed Jody Gehrman.

Reader Rabbit reviewed Read My Lips by Teri Brown.

Plenty of Paper is taking a blog hiatus due to a vacation, but they're doing a fun little scavenger-hunt type of this by guest reviewing on several review blogs. First stop is Reviewer X tomorrow, so keep your eye out for that!

From the Corner of Megan's Mind (love that name) interviewed the sensational Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of Tantalize and keeper of Megan, I see you're reading The Fold -- wanna see if our thoughts match up on that.

Book Chic has had a week of great posts. Check them out at (Sorry for not linking specifically, James, but MySpace is erroring its way to hell.)

Read, Read, Read launched a new blog thing called Teen Tuesday. To find out more info about it, click here.

Presenting Lenore reviewed The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff.

And Another Book Read had as this week's And Another Awesome Author Visit with Regina Scott! (She's the author of La Petite Four.)

The Book Muncher reviewed Crime of the Sarahs by Kristen Tracy and When It Happens by Susane Colesanti.

Liv's Book Reviews reviewed Scrambled Eggs at Midnight by Brad Barkley and Heather Hepler.

Released this week...

Big Mouth by Deborah Halverson
FOURTEEN-YEAR-OLD SHERMIE THUFF is a Big Guy with a Big Dream— to become the most famous competitive eater in the world. But every big dream has to start somewhere, and Shermie’s determined to start his in the spotlight. If he can take first place in Nathan’s World Famous International hot dog eating competition, fame will be his. The catch? The current record is 53-1/2 hot dogs and buns in 12 minutes. Shermie’s personal best? Seven. Clearly, Shermie has some training to do. . . . Only, no matter how hard he tries, he can’t get past nine measly wieners. Then, just when Shermie’s about to crack under the pressure, he gets his biggest shake-up of all: news that the 53-1/2 record holder is an itty-bitty, 130-pound guy. So Shermie vows to lose his restrictive Fat Belt the only way he knows how—with the help of Gardo, a weight-cutting fanatic determined to turn Big Shermie into a lean, mean eating-machine.

House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
Charmain Baker is in over her head. Looking after Great-Uncle William's tiny cottage while he's ill should have been easy. But Great-Uncle William is better known as the Royal Wizard Norland, and his house bends space and time. Its single door leads to any number of places—the bedrooms, the kitchen, the caves under the mountains, the past, and the Royal Mansion, to name just a few.

By opening that door, Charmain has become responsible for not only the house, but for an extremely magical stray dog, a muddled young apprentice wizard, and a box of the king's most treasured documents. She has encountered a terrifying beast called a lubbock, irritated a clan of small blue creatures, and wound up smack in the middle of an urgent search. The king and his daughter are desperate to find the lost, fabled Elfgift—so desperate that they've even called in an intimidating sorceress named Sophie to help. And where Sophie is, can the Wizard Howl and fire demon Calcifer be far behind?

Of course, with that magical family involved, there's bound to be chaos—and unexpected revelations.

No one will be more surprised than Charmain by what Howl and Sophie discover.

The Inferior by Peadar Ó Guilín
STOPMOUTH AND HIS family know of no other life than the daily battle to survive. To live, they must hunt rival species, or negotiate flesh-trade with those who crave meat of the freshest human kind. It is a savage, desperate existence. And for Stopmouth, considered slowwitted hunt-fodder by his tribe, the future looks especially bleak. But then, on the day he is callously betrayed by his brother, a strange and beautiful woman falls from the sky. It is a moment that will change his destiny, and that of all humanity, forever. With echoes of Tarzan, Conan the Barbarian, and The Truman Show, Peadar Ó Guilín’s debut is an action—and idea-packed—blockbuster that will challenge your perceptions of humanity and leave you hungry for more.

Labor of Love by Rachel Hawthorne (Wishlisted!)
To Do:
[x] Investigate the French Quarter
[x] Buy new hammer
[x] Stop worrying that hard hat is going to ruin my hair
[x] Stop thinking about ex-boyfriend.
[x] No guys this summer!
[x] Find some cool jazz clubs to visit later
[x] Get psychic readings with Jenna and Amber
[ ]Get Jenna and Amber to stop talking about psychic readings, the cute guy the psychic said I would meet, and the cute guy I just met. No guys this summer!!!
[ ] Throw self into work. Stop thinking about the cute guy!

Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee (Wishlisted!)
Blubber meets Steel Magnolias in this funny and honest story about body image and family.

Rosemary Goode is smart and funny and loyal and the best eyebrow waxer in Spring Hill, Tennessee. But only one thing seems to matter to anyone, including Rosemary: her weight. And when your mom runs the most successful (and gossipy) beauty shop in town, it can be hard to keep a low profile. Rosemary resolves to lose the weight, but her journey turns out to be about everything but the scale. Her life-changing, waist-shrinking year is captured with brutal honesty and humor, topped with an extralarge helping of Southern charm. A truly uncommon novel about an increasingly common problem.

Freshman for President by Ally Condie
Fifteen-year-old Milo J. Wright and his best friend, Eden, are crazy to even consider participating in the election for President of the United States of America, aren't they? Never mind that Milo is twenty years too young. Never mind the fact that he'll have to balance the election with school, his lawn-mowing job, soccer practice, and trying to understand girls. There are time in life when you just have to go for something, no matter how impossible. Readers will discover that everyone, no matter what age, has something valuable to say.

The Lost Art by Simon Morden
A MILLENNIUM AFTER the formidable war machines of the User cultures devoured entire civilizations and rewrote planetary geography, Earth is in the grip of a perpetual Dark Age.

Scientific endeavor is strongly discouraged, while remnant technology is locked away—hidden by a Church determined to prevent a new Armageddon.This is the world to which Benzamir Michael Mahmood must return. A descendant of the tribes who fled the planet during those ages old wars, he comes in pursuit of enemies from the far reaches of space. The technology he brings is wondrous beyond the imaginings of those he will meet, but can its potency match that of the Church’s most closely guarded treasure?For centuries it has lain dormant, but it is about to be unearthed, and the powers that will be unleashed may be beyond anyone’s capacity to control. Even a man as extraordinary as Benzamir . . .

Rogelia's House of Magic by Jamie Martinez Wood
IN ROGELIA’S HOUSE OF MAGIC, three different 15-year-old girls find friendship and special powers as they are trained in the ways of the curandera by a wise old woman.When Rogelia becomes a maid at Marina Peralta’s home, it’s obvious to Marina and her friend Fern that they have a real mystic on their hands. Soon Rogelia agrees to teach the girls the magic of their ancestors, much as she taught her granddaughters, Xochitl and Gracielia. Even though Marina and Fern are thrilled to have this chance to understand and use their powers, Xochitl isn’t happy about sharing such a sacred thing with anyone but her sister, who perished in a car accident. Besides, magic has let Xochitl down before. Why wouldn’t it now? But, as the girls will eventually discover, at Rogelia’s House of Magic anything is possible.
Kimi dreams of being a great samurai warrior, but she and her sister, Hana, are young ladies of feudal Japan, daughters of the Jito of the province. Her future seems clear: Girls do not become samurai.

Then, betrayal shatters the sisters' world. Their power-hungry uncle murders their father, and their mother and little brother mysteriously disappear. Determined to seek revenge and restore their honor, they disguise themselves as boys to train at a school for samurai. Kimi and Hana are thrown headlong into a life of warrior codes, sharp swords, and shadowy figures—as they work with fierce determination to avenge the brutal wrongs done to their family.

In a flash, life has swept them into a terrible adventure, more heart-pounding than Kimi and Hana ever could have imagined . . . and once it has been set in motion, nothing will ever be the same.

A Thousand Never Evers by Shana Burg (Wishlisted!)
IN KUCKACHOO, MISSISSIPPI, 1963, Addie Ann Pickett worships her brother Elias and follows in his footsteps by attending the black junior high school. But when her careless act leads to her brother’s disappearance and possible murder, Addie Ann, Mama, and Uncle Bump struggle with not knowing if he’s dead or alive. Then a good deed meant to unite Kuckachoo sets off a chain of explosive events. Addie Ann knows Old Man Adams left his land to the white and black people to plant a garden and reap its bounty together, but the mayor denies it. On garden picking day, Addie Ann’s family is sorely tested. Through tragedy, she finds the voice to lead a civil rights march all her own, and maybe change the future for her people.

The Disappeared by Gloria Whelan
A riveting tale about love and sacrifice by a National Book Award winner.

The Disappeared. Los desaparecidos. This is the name given to those who opposed Argentina’s dictatorial government and were kidnapped to ensure their silence. With her hometown of Buenos Aires ensconsced in the political nightmare, Silvia devises a plan to save her missing brother. She’ll make Norberto, son of the general who arrests dissenters, fall in love with her–and he’ll have his father set Eduardo free.

Told in alternating chapters, this powerful and poetic story follows Silvia as she spirals into Norberto’s world, and Eduardo as he struggles to endure physical and emotional torture. Will Silvia’s scheme reunite her family? Or will the pursuit of freedom cost these devoted siblings their lives?

Rocky Road Trip by Catherine Clark
It was a zoo the day I left.

All I remember is pulling out of the driveway. I thought I was going to crumble into a hundred pieces.

I looked at Grant. He looked at me.

Mom hit reverse. It all seemed so tragic, like I was hipping off to war.

Still and all. A really, really dumb idea to come this far for college.

Hurricane Song by Paul Volponi
Hurricane Katrina is raging and you are inside the Superdome!

Miles has only lived in New Orleans with his dad, a musician, for a few months when Hurricane Katrina hits. Father and son haven’t exactly been getting along. Miles is obsessed with football; his dad’s passion is jazz. But when the storm strikes, they’re forced to work through their differences to survive a torturous few days in the Superdome.

Paul Volponi, known for writing books that capture the pulse of urban life in New York City, creates a gripping hour-by-hour portrayal of what life was like for those left behind once the floodwaters began to rise.

Say Goodbye by Laurie Halse Anderson
Yum-Yum is an adorable shih tzu and one of Zoe’s favorite clients. When Zoe and Yum-Yum visit a ward of cancer patients, she is amazed by how much joy the tiny dog can spread in an instant. But then Yum-Yum is diagnosed with cancer himself. How can Zoe help the little dog pull through?

Storm Rescue: Vet Volunteers by Laurie Halse Anderson
Sunita Patel is book smart and good with cats. When a hurricane approaches, Sunita realizes that Lucy, a diabetic cat with a broken leg, is in danger, along with her owner, Mrs. Clark. When the vets are called out on emergency, the evacuation starts. Will Sunita be able to save Lucy or will she be a scaredy-cat?

Next week on Reviewer X...

- MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! :D

- ...umm, I don't know what else. But it's my birthday. Hopefully that means I get some books from le rentals (as if I didn't have enough already. But I do have a hefty wishlist so, ya know, they can work on that.) Or maybe an iPhone. Or the Taj Mahal.
- Maybe a birthday contest? I don't know, I'm broke. But I know I'm getting money, so if I feel charitable, I'll throw something out there.

- Book reviews, of course.

- Any ideas?
Have a nice weekend, everyone!


ambeen said...

Yay! It's Steph's birthday! I have a special surprise for you! ;)

paperxxflowers said...

Yay! Happy Early Birthday!!

It makes me happy to come and read YA Weekly every week.

I actually finished The Fold, just never got around to writing the review (I know, I'm bad.) I thought it was pretty bad. Like, everyone's telling me how awesome of an author An Na is, and I'm like... how could she write this piece of garbage?

I mean, really. I expected more from the main character than to just be obsessed about her looks. Jeez. I would have loved to see some more interaction with and about her sister and her friend (Seth, was his name? eek, I might have to reread it before I can write the review.) But no. She's all obsessed with that guy who doesn't even know who she is. And bought another freaking yearbook because of him.

Bleh. She's shallow. There's so much better out there. Like Bewitching Season. That was really good.

Khyrinthia said...

Happy early birthday!

Book Chic said...

lol no worries on specific linkage- I've been having problems with myspace too. I can't access any of the comments on the blog entries right now because errors keep popping up. GRRR.

Anyway, glad to finally see this week's YA weekly. Fantastic job.

And Happy early birthday!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

happy early birthday!! that's exciting. yay for YA Weekly. I was wondering where it was yesterday. I must go and check out some of those links now...


A.S. King said...

How do you say LOL in Portuguese?

Obrigado e o feliz aniversario!

The Book Muncher said...

ooh yay! happy almost b-day :D

*Heather* said...

your birthday? And I won't be here for it???

I make a point of using the internet that day...except I don't know what day it is. Maybe I look for it somewhere...myspace?

Oh well. Happy Birthday!

Kelly Parra said...

LOL! Well, I'm very glad you enjoyed the Vail interview, questions aside! And happy early birthday wishes! :)


Yay! Happy almost birthday. Great weekly, as always. Thanks for letting everyone know that I finished FAKETASTIC (since I've been too busy to make any such announcement myself). Just you wait, that the book is in (until I get that revision letter, that is), I'm going to be blogging nonstop. I just need to recover from the past week first--all of it! XO

Anonymous said...

Okay. Okay. Nudge taken. :-)

I've totally been neglecting my blog, but I'm back on it.

I hope you have an AMAZING birthday, Steph! With a capital "A" and extra "zing"!

So what do you have planned? Gonna go wild? Gonna read twenty books instead of your usual ten this week? ;-)

Have lots of fun! Like a bald circus clown should!

Hélène Boudreau said...

Hey! It's my birthday on Thursday!

Have a great one :-)

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