Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Word "Amazing" and Variants Thereof, MEMEs, What I'm Up To, and Other Outer-Sitely Stuff (Woo, Could This Title BE Any Longer??)

Birthday News

To all the people who asked on last week's Young Adult Weekly comments section, my birthday is on June 18th. Doesn't that remind you of A Midsummer Night's Dream with summer solstice and all of that? (Summer solstice happens on June 20th this year, but you get the point.)

Today I had an early birthday party with some family members and I got some great gifts. Mostly money, but that's what I ask for anyway because my family doesn't get me whatsoever. Guess who's gonna buy a crap load of books sometime sooooooon? And guess who's gonna help me make some book-buying decisions?!

And I also feel a contest forthcoming. But that's, you know, depending on whether or not I completely splurge or not.

Moving on.

"Amazing" & Co.

Random reviewer thought of the day: When you're reading someone's reviews and you come across, say, three in a row that use the word "amazing", "brilliant", or whatever other widely-employed synonym thereof, do you get annoyed? I do. I don't know why. I'm trying to cut the word "amazing" from my vocabulary, though, because I feel it's lost its meaning.

Perhaps I'm the only weird one, however.

What Goes On Avec My Blog (did I use the word "avec" correctly?)

If you're an author and you're supposed to be getting interview stuff from me, it's coming. It really is. (Brooke, Lisa, Gaby, Alexa, Mary, and other beautiful, beautiful authors, I have not forgotten about you!) Further, if you're expecting a review of your book, that is also coming. Oh and, have I not replied to your email/myspace message? Yeah, that's also coming.

I'm beginning to realize that maybe doing so many author interviews is not the brightest of ideas, not because you guys don't deserve it, which you do, but because at the rate I'm going, I won't have enough blog space to get through my book pile for at least another two months, which sucks for authors who are waiting. See, it goes something like this: Monday-Thursday = Review/Interview days. Friday is Young Adult Weekly. Saturday is a Reviewer Profile. Sunday is my weird randomness, usually not a review cos it's the Lord's day of rest and that means me, too.

I have 10 interviews lined up. So that's review one day, interview the next. 2 reviews a week. Too slow, too slow. I'll have to figure something out.

But yeah, authors -- I'm working on it!

Author MEME

I've been MEMEd by a ton of awesome folks, too many to name actually, and I should probably get that out of the way!

Who’s your all-time favorite author, and why?

This is hard. I have multiple personalities, and for that reason I don't have just one favorite of anything. But the author who can comfort me in any situation with just her words is Curtis Sittenfeld. Prep was... wow, it was a road of self-discovery for me and it still helps me figure myself out today. Probably my all-time favorite book.

Who was your first favorite author, and why? Do you still consider him or her among your favorites?

I don't remember, actually. I went through many reading phases when I was younger, starting with Harry Potter when I was six. Then I went through Junie B. Jones, Cam Jansen, Pee Wee Scouts, A-Z Mysteries, Baby-Sitters Club (which I still love), Nancy Dream (same), Meg Cabot, among others. I can't say who was my favorite author back then simply because there wasn't just one -- there was a whole array of them.

Who’s the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?

It's actually two: Melina Marchetta and Megan McCafferty, both only discovered this year.

If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth?

Curtis Sittenfeld, Libba Bray, Megan McCafferty, Melina Marchetta, Jodi Picoult and Catherine Ryan Hyde.

And I'm also adding my own question to this one:

Who are the coolest authors you have ever talked to?

Three people, baby: A.S. King, Alexa Young and Jennifer Ziegler.

I tag:

uhh... Only three people.

Read, Read, Read
Book Bopper
Presenting Lenore


Hope everyone has a happy Monday tomorrow! I am going to bed to reread The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols. <3


Lenore said...

Hi Steph,

YAY for buying books with birthday money.

I already did the author meme you tagged me for, see here:

Also, my review is up for Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty, and I made sure it didn't say "amazing" anywhere in it. :)

alison ashlee said...

"Amazing" is an interesting word, as is "brilliant", "fantabulous", etc. I think I tend to use them A LOT in regards to really great (<- I really can't avoid words like that) books because I generally can't say clearly why I loved them. It's as if I'm speechless. So, it's all just, "AMAZING! BRILLIANT! FANTABULOUS!" Hence, why you don't see me with a book review site. To put it plainly, I'd suck.

YAY! YAY! YAY! for Birthday money! Always a definite YAY! I got some money too, but I'm trying to save it, so I actually have something in my bank account ...

You started HP when you were six? You make me feel so old! I'm rapidly aging, I think ... :P I loved the Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew. Also, this series called Teen Power Inc. I borrowed every single book from the library. I adore the library ... when they have good stuff, that is.

Can't wait to see more up soon! :D

ambeen said...

I love the title and the Chandlerness of it. ;)

Woot! for birthday money. Only two months to go and it will be my birthday. Since my grandmother only has 2 grandchildren, we still get an insane amount of money for birthdays and Christmas even being well past the normal mark when it seems most kids start getting less, lol.

Oh, and I agree about amazing and brilliant, etc. I try hard not to use too much of that stuff, but like alison ashlee said, it can get hard to describe why you loved a book so much other than "OMG, GO BUY IT NOW!!" *wild monkey dance*

Book Chic said...

lol, I agree with the others- I do my best to keep from gushing about a book, but it happens every time, haha. So I was probably one of the reviews you read and were like "Wow, look at all that gushing- it's annoying."

:P hehe

Again, happy early birthday!!

And I totally know what you mean about taking on too much- I did/still do that, lol. Maybe do like two reviews in one post?

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