Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Win a copy of How NOT To Be Popular!

I won't be able to transcribe the phone convo today after all, so everyone, contest just moved up to today!

Leave a comment giving your own unique "how not to be popular" tip by Friday before Young Adult Weekly to win! Anonymous entries will not be accepted (I need at least a name and an email on each entry). Advertising (and providing a link!) gets you a double entry. If you refer a friend and they say so in the comments section, you get a third entry.

Good luck everyone!


Angel Young said...

My own way to not be popular is marching to my own drummer, and not whats popular or cool, usually resulting in a lack of popularity.

Meredith said...

How not to be popular... Be super quiet, do not look anyone in the eye, and never give in to what the popular kids want.


Breanna said...

Hmm, heres a good one. Wearing whatever clothes you want to, even if they don't match. You'll probably be made fun of at some point, which will ultimately lead to not being popular.

Yeah, thats a dumb one but it works lol.


Alea said...

Wear the thickest framed glasses you can. I choose my glasses because I believe they put me into a specific category, nerd. They could have been more extreme, but then I'd be standing out and I don't want that! I also feel a certain kinship with complete strangers that wear nerd glasses, it makes me smile :)

This book sounds really good!

Alea said...

whoops! my email is aleareads@gmail.com


The Whirlwinds said...

How not to be popular... ummm... Be successful in absolutely everything and NEVER talk about it. Then people build up grudges and say to themselves "GAH! How can they be so nice.... I bet they're plotting something..."

Addicting to ...s,

I posted about this on my myspace blog! Yo no tengo a link. http://www.myspace.com/charybdiscalling

Hope. said...

Wear plaid and stripes together.

It works. Really. My friend did it once lol. :p

E-mail: hopesblog@hotmail.com
Link: On the contests section of my sidebar at http://www.princess2293.blogspot.com


Gabbi said...

How not to be popular: Don't care about what "they" think.

Heather♥ said...

How not to be popular:
Use large words, other people will not understand what you're saying and will drift away from you, deciding officially that you are crazy.
Also, spend more time in a corner reading than 'out there' conversing.

plentyofpaper234@aol.com (any emails directed at me, please have Heather in the subject line)

also, you've been tagged! Excited? I am.
Rules are here

paperxxflowers said...

How not to be popular? Either don't talk to anyone at all, or be extremely successful in everything you do and talk about it allll the time.


Melissa N said...

Be kinda quiet, but be totally confident in yourself. Being in marching band helps too.

~Melissa N

The Book Muncher said...

i already have this book but i'm popping in anyway :D

just being yourself wont necessarily make you unpopular. but if you diss all the "cook kids" and act and dress differently from the norm, you are bound to not fit in.

Caroline said...

Because I am oh-so-creative (another sign of impopularity) I have compiled a list of the various misdemeanors throughout my school career that have led to impopularity. :D

K)Sing the ABCs when the teacher asks you to recite them. When she repeats herself, say that you can only do it singing.

1)Be the Teacher's Pet.

2)Read. Write mean things about classmates in a journal that will inevitably be discovered and read aloud at some point.

3)Get really unflattering glasses that are bright blue in color and Harry Potter in style. Attempt to make friends in your class.

4)Spend a lot of time with one close friend. Cry when Heather rats you out for talking in the bathroom and you get detention.

5)Sing a song by the Cheetah Girls for your fifth grade talent show.

6)Confide your crush on a popular guy to Heather, because she'll repeat it a bit too loudly and the popular girl will hear you and then everyone will find out on field day and you'll have to go home sick.

7)Write a boy who likes you a list of reasons why you hate him so much. Include a limerick about his teeth. That's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

8)Find a small group of friends who are equally uncool(but equally awesome, too) and do bizzare things. Have marker wars, randomly burst into song. People will think you are in a cult and not talk to you because you might offer them red Kool-Aid. Encourage this rumor.

9)Behave in a relatively anti-social manner when not with your friends (you know, the kids in the cult) and refuse to tell the popular people what that thing you're writing down is.

(Surprisingly enough, they still want to know.)

Email me at the Plenty of Paper address(it's on Heather's comment) and put Caroline in the subject line. :)

<3 Caroline

PS: Awesome contest idea!

Words Speak Volumes said...

you have been meme'd check out my blog for deets

The Story Siren said...

i would think picking your nose wouldn't make you very popular!

i'll post about your contest too!

Khyrinthia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Khyrinthia said...

Have very loud daily debates with your friends over who is better, Jacob or Edward?

Not like I've ever done that..


Liv said...

If you're looking to not be popular, you definitely need to break out in song and dance at random times. It's rather fun. But it doesn't actually work for me because I have a bunch of really strange and abnormal classmates. It's rather odd actually. Either that, or pick your nose or do something equally disgusting in public. And that my friend, is one thing that does work, as proven by one girl in my class who has absolutely no friends because she picks her nose and eats her boogers in front of everyone. *gags*


ambeen said...

Laugh out loud in the middle of a silent room...when no one has even said anything to you. People will think you are crazy, but they just don't realize the funniness going on inside your head.

I'm posting about the contest on my left sidebar under contests. ;)

Breanna said...

I posted a blog on my Myspace




Lenore said...

If I really wanted to be unpopular, I just wouldn't bathe. People do NOT like to be around stench :)

Rachel said...

I tagged you for a meme.

Dominique said...

how not to be popular...just be really mean to everyone, spread nasty rumors, and crash the most popular party/school event! ;)


Anonymous said...

Be annoying. Even the once cool girls, if they got annoying (ex. nosy, loud, talked alot) would be dropped if she got annoying. I was a mid person but I saw of my friends who were popular not be so anymore cuz they were annoying by trying to hard to be popular.

B~A - lovnlife4ever@yahoo.com

The Compulsive Reader said...

Refrain from smiling and saying nice things. This will cause ostracism for sure.

Cool contest, by the way!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Check the blog under Other Contests and I posted about this there...

But how NOT to be popular: act like anything the "popular" kids talk about is stupid or boring.

Act excited about class, homework, tests, etc. and be really really obnoxious about it.


Heather♥ said...

I mentioned the contest in my meme post here

Gabbi said...

Oops. Sorry. E-mail: nic_gd@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

How Not To Be Popular: Make a point of spending every waking moment in the school library that you possibly can... and not just because it's air conditioned. :P

XD Ky, I love yours. Sounds like my friends and I...


Liviania said...

How not to be popular:

Wear nothing but orange catsuits. You don't have to worry about what to wear, you'll be visible when walking across a busy street, and you won't have to sort out colors for the laundry. (All bonuses!)

inbedwithbooks AT yahoo DOT com

Hillary said...

My Tip on How Not To Be Popular:
Don't talk. Ever. Just stare at people and when they talk to you, stare and walk away slowly. It'll freak them out.

I actually don't talk a lot and that's why I used this. Sure I talk if someone talks to me but I don't run around talking to random people and stuff like that. Oh yeah, and this book looks like 300% awesome stuck in between two covers. Like a sandwich.


Caroline said...

I linked back to the contest on the review I just put up.

Reader Rabbit said...

(I have alink to your contest on the sidebar of my page)
Now my tip on how NOT to be popular is:

Wear the same OLD clothes every single day.
(and don't wash them)

People will think you're a hobo =/!

Melissa Walker said...

Ooh, I'll add you to my blog post today. That is how to BE popular though... um... frowning a lot. That is an unpopular move.

Anonymous said...

I think a good personality will help you be popular. =)


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