Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Cool Authors Chilling Out on TV

Hey everyone! Here's your blog breakfast. Young Adult Weekly comes later today, too =)

Watch this video of some MG/YA authors giving tips on how to keep kids reading over the summer:

Info I got over email:

The short clip takes a small, medium, large approach— Jane O'Connor (Fancy Nancy) gives tips for the young readers, MAC (Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink) advises the 9-12 crowd, and Scott Westerfeld (Uglies) saves teens from summer boredom. Jane and Scott are of course NY Times Bestsellers; and MAC is an "up & comer" who recently sold out of her debut novel at its sneak preview during NY Comic Con.


Fangirl, out!


alison ashlee said...

Lol! Accidentally run over the video game machine ... he he! I've never actually read any of Scott Westerfeld's books. I think I really should add them to the never-ending pile now.

On a completely different matter ... you = world domination. :P

*Heather* said...

Haha! I haven't read Scott Westerfeld but Uglies, Pretties and Extras are all on my TBR. I've heard I should move them up a couple places...

*Heather* said...

I did the post about the Hiatus Tour contest thing for the next two weeks. Go check it out!

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