Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sitemeter Rants + Updates and Such

Reference: Outage Problems

My stats are all botched now. I'm s45, which means my stats were lost for about 20 hours, which is about 120 page views (probably more since it's the weekend). Oh, the damage this will cause in my averages :'(

A Segment of Steph's Soul-Searching:
Steph Version 1: So, like, you haven't updated the blog very much and you didn't even do the Young Adult Weekly column last week, which is totally, like, a sin. Have you no shame?

Steph Version 2: *head desk* Yeah, about that...

SV1: You're such a, like, failure. I mean, like, totally.

SV2: Um, 2 reviews in a week isn't that bad... I know I usually have more going on, but come on now. You can't expect a person to be on their game every single week, can you?



SV1: Oh, I'm, like, totally sorry. Really. I totally, like, missed that.

SV2: It's okay, I didn't tell anyone.

SV1: Have people, like, been bothering you about it?

SV2: Unless you consider yourself "people", then yes. But have other people been bothering me about it? Oh, no. My blog readers are awesome <3

SV1: Like, are you trying to instigate something?

SV2: You mean insinuate?

SV1: Yeah. *rolls eyes* Whatever.

SV2: Yes, actually, I am.

SV1: Whatever.

SV2: Don't you want to know what I'm trying to "instigate"?

SV1: Don't you mean, like, insinuate?

SV2: *head desk* You're so dumb.

SV1: You're such a slacker.

SV2: So anyway, I was trying to insinuate that you're too demanding.

SV1: Whatever.

SV2: This conversation's going nowhere fast.

SV1: Ummm, if it's going nowhere, and it's going there fast, wouldn't that be, like, instigating that it IS going somewhere?


SV1: SHUT UP! Answer my question!

SV2: Just ask me what is gonna happen this month, please.

SV1: Okay, like, fine, if you're gonna be so pushy about it...

SV2: *glares*

SV1: FINE! What will happen this month?

The List

Author Week: Annette Curtis Klause
Book giveaways
A million interviews
A million reviews
Reviewer profiles
Random "Whatcha...s"

SV1: Don't you wanna, like, throw some hip hop to get the party started?

SV2: This is a book site.

SV1: God, you're, like, so boring.

SV2: Get out.

SV1: Get out, leave, right now, it's the end of you and me! It's too--


SV1: You're, like, a total bitch.

SV2: Seriously. Out.

SV1: Make me.

SV2: Honey, you don't even want any of this.

SV1: Uh, I think I, like, do.

SV2: ...*kicks SV1's ass*

DISCLAIMER: Reviewer X doesn't support violence. Like...yeah.

And that's how it's done.

Come back tomorrow for a review of How NOT To Be Popular by the Awesome Jennifer Ziegler. And then on Tuesday for a phone chat transcript of me interviewing the Awesome Jenny. And then on Wednesday for a giveaway of How NOT To Be Popular.


Reader Rabbit said...

LMAO at the convo!!!

Can't wait for the new stuff!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Hilarious steph, but how exciting about stuff to come!


Khyrinthia said...

I love the conversation. Very nice.

And the new stuff sounds pretty awesome. (:

Heather♥ said...

hahahahahahah! I could NOT stop laughing. My sister was looking at me like 'wtf? are you...okay? Medical help isn't needed, right?' and I just continued to laugh. Wow. That reminds me of John Green and the conversations he has with himself, and they are very hilarious, just like this....

ah...can't wait for the millions of interviews and millions of reviews and stuff, like, yeah. I'm, like, really excited.

Reviewer X said...

Hahahahaha the convo just kind of came to me as I was writing a very boring info post :) I like to think of my other half as the dumb blonde type. :P

I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed to write the reviewsssssssssssssssssss. Lalalala.


Hope. said...

lmao that was funny. :p I loved How NOT to be popular. :)) Can't wait to read your review.

I know how you feel about exams... I have them this week and I haven't been able to read as much as I would like to...


Book Chic said...

No worries about being behind- it happens to all of us. Don't beat yourself up over it. *hugs*

Anyway, what you've got coming up sounds amazing! :) Good luck with it all.

Chelsea said...

Hahaha. You crack me up, Steph. :p Um, don't even begin to complain about being behind, you crazygirl. You're a great blogger!

Oh, and jealous that you talked on the PHONE with Jennifer Ziegler. I've only online-chatted with her. So nice. :)

ambeen said...

Steph, Steph, Steph. You are no where near as behind as I was a month ago. Remember the reviews of books I was reading for school? That's how behind and loaded down with school I was. So yeah, what I'm saying is I totally get it. ;)

Can't wait for the new reviews and giveaways.

There are more negative reviews coming, right? You said 2 or 3 a couple weeks ago and have only posted one since then. I'll look forward to those as well. :P

The Book Muncher said...

lovely Steph :D just lovely.
and i know you're "behind" but i'm tagging you for a meme anyway :D

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