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Reviewer Profile: Liv's Book Reviews

Yay for scheduled posts! Am still away =) Back later tonight. Anyway:

On to Reviewer Profile Saturday! Authors, Reviewer Profiles are to help you get to know reviewers better. Reviewers, if you're interested in getting profiled, please click here to read the info post and email me.

This week's spotlight = Liv's Book Reviews!

Take a wild guess...
Alias: Liv
Headquarters: :)
Mission: To promote the love of books and get people interested in reading.
Genres: YA of course, with some romance and urban books added to that.

What's your occupation by day?

A student. And one who happens to get higher than average amounts of homework. Ugh.

What made you decide to tackle this whole blog reviewer biz?

Well, I love reading and before, whenever I would read a book I wouldn't be able to remember a thing about it the day afterwards. I started blogging so that I'd actually be able to digest the books that I read and be able to remember what they were about later on.

What are your blog's strong points?

I always feel so weird complimenting myself, but I guess I would say that with my blog I'm honest and say what I really think. Also, my blog is kind of matchey-matchey. I like the color scheme. :P

What are the best aspects of being a reviewer?

Getting to cyber-meet new people! And it's just a great way to put what you think out there so other people can see it. I also love getting emails from authors and other reviewers. It's so much fun to hear what people think of my reviews and my blog.

In your opinion, where lies the heart of a good book?

Ooh. I would say that for a book to be amazing, it needs to have an author that can relate to teens. An author who can create realistic characters. So I think the characters are pretty much the most important part. If you have bad characters, you're going to have a boring book.

What books rocked your world? Which authors?

Oh wow. Well, my funny story is that up until last summer I hadn't read any of the Harry Potter books. I tried to way back in second grade and got so scared in the second book that I couldn't pick one of them up with out being freaked out. But in August I figured that since the Deathly Hallows had just come out, I had to give the books another chance, now that I was older. Way older. Old enough to handle scary dementors. I hoped. And so then I read all of the Harry Potter books in two weeks and they pretty much rocked my world to infinity and beyond. I now understand all the hype about them. :P But besides Harry Potter, I loved the Uglies series, and a bunch of Sarah Dessen's books. Some books that I read recently that I've liked are Perfect You, Life As We Knew It, The Elite, Airhead and Vampire Academy.

As for authors, there are a ton of them; Scott Westerfeld, Maureen Johnson, Meg Cabot, Sarah Dessen, Elizabeth Scott, Cassandra Clare, Jennifer Banash, and so many more.

What are some of your other passions and interests?

I love to swim. I'm on a year round team, and I'm not super amazing, but I'm able to get down the pool in good time. :) I also love biking outside, especially at this time of year. Um, I have a passion for chai tea! Ha. I've gone to tons of coffee shops on the quest to find the perfect chai and the closest I've come is this little cafe near my house. The tea there is so thick and vanilla-y and wonderful. Yum.

Can you roll your tongue or do other nifty stuff?

Yes, I can roll my tongue, and I can also touch my nose with it. But that's not so unusual is it? Other than that, I don't think I can do anything else that's too interesting. No double-joints or mutations. :P

What music puts the rock to your roll? Any movies you can watch over and over again and not get bored? TV shows?

I love, love, love music!

Some of my favorite CD's are: Little Voice - Sara Bareilles (<3), I Will - Mozella, Coco - Colbie Caillat, Eye To The Telescope - KT Tunstall, Life In Cartoon Motion - MIKA, One Cell In The Sea - A Fine Frenzy, and Introducing Joss Stone - Joss Stone.

Some recent movies that I've seen and loved are 27 Dresses, August Rush, and The Bucket List. I think I sobbed through the last 15 minutes of the Bucket List. It's a super amazing movie. And I confess, that when I'm bored, I'll put High School Musical into the DVD player. Come on though, it doesn't get much better than watching a bunch of high schoolers sing and dance their way through their troubles. There's something just a little addicting about that. :D

And as for TV shows, I like American Idol and Gilmore Girls. I'm so sad Gilmore Girls got canceled!

Young Adult or death?

Young adult for sure! I could live off YA books.


Book Chic said...

Great reviewer profile! Such a fun read! :)

Also, don't feel bad- I STILL haven't even read the HP books, so you weren't the only one who put them off for a while. lol

And Gilmore Girls does rock, doesn't it? I'm hoping to buy the other seasons soon. :) I own the first one right now.

ambeen said...

Yay, another Gilmore Girls fan! Although I'm glad they canceled. It wasn't as good after Amy Sherman-Palladino left! It just wasn't the same having her behind each episode.

And I'm another person who has yet to read HP. My aunt has them all though, so someday I plan to borrow them from her and read them. :P

Shooting Stars Mag said...

OH NO!! You both need to read harry potter. yay live for finally breaking down! LOL
Breat great reviewer profile. I'm repetitive, i know, but i do love these. they are mega fun!


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