Friday, June 27, 2008

Personal Blog

Well, I'm beginning to like this blogging thing quite a bit. Every now and then I go off topic here, and while I'd love to do that a LOT more, I don't think this (Reviewer X place) is the way to go.


Not that exciting really. I created a personal blog. It's located at Cool, huh? On there, I'll post status updates on my reading piles, very weird jokes/thoughts no one but myself will understand, etc. etc. etc. Feel free to venture on there ;)


ambeen said...

Woot! I can't wait to see the inner workings of Steph's brain. Wait, I already do. But it will still be fun to see what you choose to post. :P

Potato's Manager said...

Sorry about this, but Potato Head was wondering if you had already drawn the winner for the $15 gift card or not. As you know, Potato Head is heading towards great vision problems, so most likely missed an announcement about it. Nevertheless, congratulations to whoever won! Eeeeee! More books for the winner! :P

Anonymous said...

where's the blog now? gone why? =(

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