Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Speak To You From The Grave...


Haha, okay, yeah, not from the grave. But you should know that by the time this post gets put up, it'll have been nearly fourteen hours since I wrote it and scheduled it for publication. Cos see, I'm going away this weekend! (Have gone away, I mean.)

I haven't had time to do ANYTHING this week but study for finals (yes, I am still in school) and, well, as of right now, as you're reading this, as I'm off enjoying myself, I am officially on holidays! Yay!

So anyway: No Young Adult Weekly this week either cos of my lack of time. Sorry! And yes, I haven't picked the winner for the $15 giftcard yet because, one more time with feeling: no time!! Which, ironically enough, gives people more time to enter that contest. I'll be offering double points from now on if anyone posts a BLOG post or bulletin about it (no sidebar contest compilation thingy -- sorry, that's tried and true by this point). That means that instead of +1 to all of your other entries, you get a +2. Remember to link it to me. You can do so in this post's comments area.

Some news for all of you:

I have my own personal blog! It's a play on words! :P There might be random scheduled posts there as well, so if you're ever bored... :)

A fun contest is upcoming... Woot! You'll like this one. At least, I think so.

... and that's all.

Remember: Annette Curtis Klause interview later today!! (Also scheduled posting, in case anyone that's wondering.)


Reader Rabbit said...

^^ posted about your contest there.
and I'm checking out your new blog right now. =]

The Potato Association said...

You, my dear, is psychic. HAPPY TRIP! Have a safe journey, be merry, chomp, snooze, READ, and have fun!

ambeen said...

Posted an entry about your contest. Too good for the sidebar now, huh?

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