Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy Release Day, Jennifer Banash!

Hey everyone,

I don't normally do these Happy Release Day posts. (Because there'd be a ton of them if I did. That's what I have Young Adult Weekly for.) Most authors you see are pretty excited about their launch, but Jennifer Banash is truly exceptional in her enthusiasm and I just wanted to make note of it here.


From interviews...
YA Fresh
"I’m working on a couple of different ideas—of course what I’d REALLY love is for THE ELITE to take off and become so popular that it becomes a ten-book series instead of three, but I’ve also got two other books in the works."

The Book Vault
"I’m currently contracted to write three, but if you guys like the series and want more, I’d be happy to continue! I really love writing THE ELITE books and would be thrilled if the series continued."

Reviewer X (Right here!)
"Seriously, I’d love to see the series continue indefinitely, and if anyone wants to make THE ELITE into a major motion picture, that would be just fine by me—as long as I get to help with the casting, of course. There are currently three ELITE books planned, but if you guys like them, I’ll be more than happy to write as many as you want!"


I'm telling you! Isn't her bubbliness contagious? It makes me so happy to see an author this enthralled with their work--and it makes me that much more likely to promote that book in every way I possibly can.

(Oh and yeah, phone chat transcript with Jennifer Ziegler coming in a couple of hours after I finish transcribing!)


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