Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Get A Load Of Me! (I'm Not Poisonous, I Swear.)

Yo, people. (I'm trying my hand at "yo". I don't think I'm cut out to use that word -- my jeans don't ride low enough ...)

Guess who just got INTERVIEWED (yes, yes, interviewed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) at Class of 2k8. Me!! And others did, too! And it's a party! And it's a blast! And it's too cool for mere humans, which is why we book-lovers must take it over!

The path to righteousness:

Sorry, I know it's pretentious to link to my own interview as a "starting point", but meh -- first time I got interviewed ever, and it might never happen again, so woot!

And if you comment on there, you're entered to win an ARC of Undone (!!!!!!!!) by Brooke Taylor. Which I have: read, signed & fabulous. So go enter!

THANK YOU, CLASS OF 2k8!!!!!!!!!!

(I kind of hate too many !s, but it's justified here, right? :P)

ETA: Enter on the Class of 2k8 blog, guys (girls...), not in the comments section here!


Book Chic said...

It's totally justified- go you!! Loved the interview (as I said on the entry)!


Also, I forgot to post this there, so I'll do it here- I love reading your long reviews! I could never do that, and I'm proud and in awe of the fact that you can. :)

Gabbi said...

I'd love to win Undone! Congrats for your interview!

ambeen said...

You will be interviewed again, silly. I've already sent you the questions for you Reviewer Profile. Remember!? Maybe that's the one you should do this weekend to coincide with your other interview. ;-)

Anonymous said...

*(I'm trying my hand at "yo". I don't think I'm cut out to use that word -- my jeans don't ride low enough ...)*

Still laughing . . .

Liviania said...

I use yo all the time. ^_^ You just have to say it l like you mean it. (I've also used it since sixth grade, so people are used to it.)

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