Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn Break Down

Hey everyone, hope you're all having a great Monday! (It's Monday, so how can it be, huh? But it's also vacation time for us high schoolers, so...!)


Fellow blogger (and my best friend) Ambeen and I will be running a contest to win a preordered copy of Breaking Dawn. Keep in mind this doesn't mean advance -- we are reviewers, and we do get some early copies of some books, but not of this one. (They aren't even distributing ARCs of it, actually.)

So this means I'll pay for the book, but it'll only get there whenever Amazon dispatches it. Got it?

NOW. This contest is not like others I've run on my blog. Ambeen is participating because she's going to help me judge the entries... hehe :)

Contest Theme: Floor a 100-year-old vampire. (This means Edward.)

What must you do?
You have to think of pick up lines you'd use on Edward. They have to be good. They have to get him away from that Bella creep.

What do you do to try your lines out? Send your entries to bdbd (at) Subject line MUST BE "Contest Entry". If it's not, entry is disqualified.

Any rules you should know about? Yes, of course:
- Only one entry per email. You may enter as many times as you'd like, but you have to send different emails in.

- No lame pick up lines

Until when is the contest open? Wednesday, 12AM central.

NOTE: This is phase one. You should receive a confirmation email to EVERY entry you send in (in SEPARATE EMAIL MESSAGES). If you don't receive a confirmation message within eight hours of your submission, RESEND.

Phase 2 begins on Thursday. You'll get details of that then.

Do not comment on here unless you have a question or you want to send us a link to someplace you advertised. Advertisement won't help you in Phase 1, but if you make it to Phase 2, it could help you quite a lot.

Judgment Criteria:
- Creativity
- Originality
- Hilarity
... basically, if it makes us piss our pants, that's a good sign.

This contest is subjective -- Ambeen's taste and mine. It's not a random drawing. Phase 2 is where you get to make your voices heard.

Got it?


bdbd at


Unknown said...

OMG. This has got to be the funniest/greatest contest ever! Well done. Can't wait to read some of those pickup lines. :-O xo

Anonymous said...

uauuuuuu what a great ideia really ^^
i would like to participate but i don't understand a few things:
1. until when exactly is these contest?
2. how many lines can you send winth one email?
sorry for my horrible english xD

Anonymous said...

oh yes and i almost forgot, i sure don't know where to sed, i've tried but i'ts a mess for me, sorry
ps. could you answer to please?
thank you *.*

Anonymous said...

* send the lines

Steph said...

Haha Alexa, I'm not too sure it'll be entirely popular...

Raquel, please send to :)


Anonymous said...

hey thanks lool ^^
but until when can whe send?

Steph said...

Until midnight tomorrow :) And you may send as many entries as you'd like.


Anonymous said...

Phase 2 was supose to begin on Thursday, right? so then it will begin?

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