Saturday, April 26, 2008

Winner of TYOMMR Contest!!

22 different people (and 34 entries) stand before The Randomizer. Some of them have a bigger chance of winning--they advertised and they referred people to the contest. But they are all equally worthy of winning. The Randomizer wishes to choose them all. Unfortunately, Steph is so broke, affording to send this one book is a stretch for her pocket. So, she orders The Randomizer to make a decision. The Randomizer stammers. Steph sympathizes--she, too, wishes everyone could walk out a winner. But Steph keeps her cool. She doesn't stutter. She tells The Randomizer to choose now. Unable to stall any longer, The Randomizer does its shuffling and comes out with a verdict.
Number 3.

Number three is...


Aella advertised and did a referral, so she had three entries. She was the first person to enter. Numbers 1, 2, and 3.

The Randomizer has spoken. Steph couldn't be happier with its choice.

Steph wishes to thank everyone who entered! It was a lovely experience, and I'll be holding another contest in June, so stay tuned!


Amee said...

Congrats Aella!

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