Sunday, April 20, 2008

Novelist-Inspired New Feature On Reviewer X

Since I'll be inaugurating this new feature for the site tomorrow, I thought I'd explain a little of where it came from beforehand.

I was reading a certain book by a certain author (which book and which author I'm not saying, though you can come back tomorrow to find out) and I was struck at how great this book was. I love a lot of books, that I won't deny. But for books to all-out enamor as this one did, well, it takes a lot.

Incidentally, the author had sent me a second book to review. I readily grabbed it and began reading--and just...whoa. Here I have two books and an author on hand that I want to promote. Big time. Two reviews and an interview wouldn't be enough to express how amazing, stupendous, Jesus-Christ-Almighty-AWESOME they are.

Enter new idea: Author Week. A week where the blog functions to proclaiming the sheer brilliance of this author.

And it begins tomorrow. 2 reviews. 1 interview. 1 contest (which I'm producing, because I believe in and respect the author quite a lot).

Before there's any confusion:

The only difference between Author Weeks and single 10/10 reviews is lack of material. In this case, I had access to two books and to the author. With, for example, Looking for Alibrandi (another 10/10 review I did), I didn't have access to the author or to her other books. So, not enough material for a full week's worth of activities.

Alternatively, if I have, say, two or three books by author I love immensely, I might do an Author Week without an interview. It's possible. But it all goes back to material.


Authors: I'm so excited about this and now, more than ever, I'm looking for more books that have this effect on me. If you think your book might, dude (with all due respect), email me now.

Stay tuned this week for the first ever Author Week!!


Amee said...

Awesome idea! I love it. I'm especially excited for the contest part. ;)

Hopefully you'll be able to do more of these Author's Weeks. They sound great.

Chelsea said...

Great idea!!

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